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Sample Project

A template for the format of your project page.

Published onSep 19, 2018
Sample Project

Sample Project Name

You will create a single page (Pub) to document all of your project updates. The title of the project page should match the project and be descriptive. A thoughtful, witty title is encouraged! During the course, you will update your project page to reflect your progress. This is also a great place to showcase your final results after the flight has been conducted.

Check out previous years project pages (in the “Course Archive” dropdown) for examples of prior work.

To create your project Pub:

You should only do this once for your project (each project will have only one Pub).

  1. Create a PubPub account, or login.

  2. On the right of the header at the top of the page, click “Create Pub”.

  3. In Pub Settings, add your Pub to the “2023 Projects” collection.

  4. Once your publish your first release, your Pub will be public on the 2023 Projects page.

Note: Creating a release and having it published makes that version of your project page available for public viewing. This is not required, but encouraged. If you choose not to release and publish, your draft will still be viewable by the course instructors and anyone else you specify (in the “Sharing” settings - under “Pub Settings” at the top of your Pub when in edit mode, or in the “Members” section inside “Pub Settings”).

In your project Pub you should:

  • Describe your project and its evolution at least weekly with dated entries

  • Add your most recent work at the top of the growing Pub page (reverse chronological order)

  • Add relevant documentation, like diagrams, modelling, photos and videos of prototypes and tests

Rich Text Formatting

PubPub supports a wide variety of text, formatting, and embedded objects, so be creative! Here are some examples:


Δv=velnm0mf=Ispg0lnm0mf\Delta v = v_\text{e} \ln \frac{m_0}{m_f} = I_\text{sp} g_0 \ln \frac{m_0}{m_f}


Parabola #

Desired G Level







Code Blocks

#Sample code






Images, videos, and audio are supported by a built-in player. Other file types will be available to download.

App Embed

Videos from YouTube and Vimeo, audio from Soundcloud, Gists from GitHub, Pens from CodePen, or anything else embedded in an iFrame.

More examples from PubPub

See here.

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