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Pneumatic Adaptive Tessellation Habitat | PATH

Modular Habitat Prototype Designed for Extreme Habitation

Published onNov 17, 2023
Pneumatic Adaptive Tessellation Habitat | PATH

Design Manifesto

Mankind is by nature inquisitive and driven to explore the unknown, expand new frontiers, and advance scientific and technical limits through our own ingenuity. We belong to a long continuum of human progress perpetuated by the desire to innovate and adapt to changing habitats. In anticipation of making humanity multi-planetary, NASA has been challenged to develop infrastructure and technology that supports human habitation beyond Earth’s protective atmosphere and resources. NASA’s ARTEMIS mission and the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover were tasked to survey the climate and geology on Mars in preparation for the next great leap in human space exploration, the Martian habitat. Yet, the current design for space colonization is confined to prioritizing practical needs with maximum efficiency while lacking consideration for spatial experiences.

In search of an opportunity for the long-term survival of human civilization, habitation on the higher frontier demands a critical re-evaluation of existing standards for extraterrestrial living. The development of space colonization could lead to advancements in architectural design, discovering alternative integration of ecology into the regenerative life support system, and furthermore developing technocentric resilience strategies that are essential for human survival.

To say mankind will one day inhabit Mars is to challenge architecture’s ability to contend with extreme surface conditions like oxygen-less air, extreme cold, and high radiation levels. This prototype reimagines the Mars habitat through the design of mobile architecture, which resembles the human drive for exploration while allowing architects to explore new potentials of enclosed habitable spaces, supporting mankind’s survival in the most hostile conditions of space.

PATH | Pneumatic Adaptive Tessellation Habitat

Pneumatic Inflatable Structure: On the Higher Frontier

Conceptual Sketches

October 9th, 2023 | Initial Conceptual Sketch

October 23th, 2023 | Connection Conceptual Sketch

Flight Test Conceptual Render

Conceptual sketches depict our innovative approach to an inflatable pneumatic prototype, emphasizing community formation and panel module integration.

The core design concept addresses the unique challenges posed by extreme extraterrestrial climates and the transformation of the local terrain to provide radiation shielding. Within this framework, each module incorporates inflatable panels, allowing for mobility while facilitating the seamless aggregation of modules to create a cohesive and adaptable community.

Prototype V.1

Inflatable Pneumatic Structure: Testing

Object in Layers: Symbiotic Habitat with Regenerative Life Support System

Object in Motion: Pneumatic Rotation

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